Not just kicks! Now you can get a charge on Route 66

It’s almost impossible to report on anything about Route 66 without mentioning the iconic song, so we’ll have to look past the first sentence in the story in Green Car Reports about the state of Illinois’ plan to spend $1 million to install charging stations along a roughly 300-mile section of Route 66 between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River border with Missouri.

The Illinois Route 66 Electric Corridor project will facilitate electric-car travel between Chicago and St. Louis. “The historic highway and the towns it passes through were largely done in by the construction of the Interstate highway system, but the need to stop and charge every so often makes an electric-car road trip more suited to the slower pace of Route 66,” according to the Green Car Reports story.

Installation should be complete in time for summer travelers.

“As the national network of charging stations grows, longer-distance electric-car travel will become more convenient, breaking down one of the major barriers to widespread adoption,” the story noted. “For now at least, having to stop periodically could also make trips a little more memorable, and stimulate local economies--just as it did during the heyday of Route 66.”

And if you need a reminder of that heyday? Check out this version of the song by the great Nat King Cole.