Other manufacturers are keeping pace (so we need to keep at work!)

GM and Ford didn’t get all the headlines from the Detroit auto show, though. Other manufacturers also announced big developments for their plug-in offerings.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told reporters in Detroit that Nissan is also planning an electric car with similar range as the Bolt concept's 200 miles and Tesla Motors' Model 3.

The introduction of the Bolt "was not a surprise," Ghosn said in a story reported by the Detroit Free Press. "Obviously we will be competing" with electric cars that get 200 miles on a battery charge, he said. "We are the leaders and we frankly intend to continue to be the leaders."

Also at the auto show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a plug-in luxury sedan of somewhat more compact size than the S550 plug-in hybrid they already planned to sell in the U.S.Sonata plug-in

And Hyundai revealed a plug-in hybrid version of the Sonata sedan, the Korean manufacturer’s first battery-powered vehicle.

And if that’s not enough, Honda announced that it’s going to be making a fuel-cell powered vehicle with a 300-mile range, to go on sale next year.

What does this mean for those of us who believe that Michigan has the most to gain from innovation in the auto industry? It means the competition isn’t standing still, and that we have to keep our eyes on the road, our hands on the steering wheel, and our foot on the (not-gas) pedal.