Utilities, governments rolling out shiny, new EV fleets

Georgia Power FleetIf everyone switched to an EV, we’d have cleaner air, quieter cities... wishful thinking?

When governments and businesses switch to electrify their fleets, that EV future seems to get even closer to reality, and it’s something that we’re starting to see take off.

Georgia Power just invested in a fleet of 32 Chevy Volts in hopes of increasing the visibility of electric vehicles throughout the state, as part of its "Get Current. Drive Electric." program. The utility launched the program to "advance Georgia as an exceptionally EV-friendly state," and has looked to integrate public education through commercials and testimonials, with economic incentives like special charging rates for EV drivers, and now, sending their energy efficiency experts to work in clean vehicles.On the public sector side, the City of Indianapolis is about six months into a plan to deploy a fleet of 500 EVs.  The company that has been coordinating the effort, Vision Fleet, just released the results of the first six months of progress.

The company says it has helped the city save 18,293 gallons of gas since October 2014, highlighting that the most important benefits from mass deployments of EVs are
environmental.  The Indianapolis fleet is saving the City money as well, due to the lower operational costs of electric vehicles.


That double benefit means that interest is in EV fleets is rising, like in Colorado, where the State just commissioned a study to look into the best way to make the switch.


We’re hoping they do.