Camouflaged Chevy Bolt spotted in test drives in Detroit

Just a few short months after GM announced the Bolt concept car, it’s been spotted on test drives in Detroit- albeit under heavy camouflage.

AutoBlog posted spy shots of the Bolt, noting that the car’s design is sticking with the hatchback/crossover style displayed at the Detroit Auto Show back in January. The modest styling cues seem to be in line with Chevy’s mission of making the Bolt the first fully electric vehicle for the average consumer, though some futuristic touches will separate it from its mid-price range competitors.

bolt glass ceilingbolt interior

EV Obsession’s review of the Bolt’s design lauds the concept’s glass ceiling and minimalist dashboard. These sleek choices definitely distinguish the Bolt, but let’s wait and see what lasts through test drives and safety regulations.

The Bolt--to be Built in Michigan at the Orion plant, just outside of Detroit--will boast 200 miles to a charge, and Chevy has said that test drives are proving the Bolt is hitting that mark. They also just released a short teaser clip that shows the Bolt prototype at its Milford Proving Grounds.

At a price point in the mid-$30,000s, this car will be one of the most enticing models on the market when it hits, which could reportedly be as early as October 2016.

In related news, it looks like GM’s Orion plant will also be upgraded to include another exciting all-new product.

Images courtesy of General Motors