Volt sales on the rise (plus mileage upgrades to 2016 model?)

volt chargingAfter dwindling sales numbers and rumors of too many Volts lingering on dealership lots, Chevy Volt sales shot up in May. At 1,618 cars sold last month, sales were hit a year’s high, though they were still down a bit from this time last year.

Call it a lame duck. The 2016 Volt is closer than ever to being available for purchase-- Californian deliveries are expected in early September and nationwide deliveries will hopefully start before year’s end. It makes sense to hold out for the new model-- especially as some web slip ups are pointing to bigger and better things for the hybrid’s efficiency.

Inside EVs caught wind of a clerical error that updated the 2016 Volt’s stats in a good way. Both range and fuel efficiency ticked up a few notches, but the changes disappeared as quickly as they came.

That said, the numbers didn’t change themselves. Someone was probably tinkering with them for a reason. They’re billed as estimates pending EPA approval in the media advisory, and when Inside EVs reached out to Chevrolet for comment, they just said the numbers aren’t final.

So when they are final, they might be better than first expected.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Steve Depolo under Creative Commons license.