A glimpse of the Chevy Bolt in California

Chevy BoltThe Chevy Bolt was a star at a recent California event.

The Built by Michigan car was on display as part of the Drive the Dream, where policy makers, industry leaders and advocates gathered to talk about how to move EV adoption forward in the Golden State. There was a particular focus on workplace charging (something we’re also working on locally through the Drive Electric Ann Arbor Partnership’s Workplace Charging Challenge.).

Companies like NBC Universal, Coca-Cola and even the U.S. Navy made commitments to installing workplace charging and investing in electric fleets.

"Workplace charging is a key component to encouraging more drivers to choose electric vehicles,” said Janea A. Scott, Commissioner for the California Energy Commission and Chairman of the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, lawmakers just passed a roads bill that increases fees on electric vehicles, and we’re still lagging behind states like California, Washington and even Georgia in other incentives to encourage EV driving.

As we move into a critical period in our energy future, it’s vital that lawmakers recognize that EVs will play a big role in this new mix. It’s not only important to make EV use as easy as possible by reducing range anxiety and increasing charging options, but also recognizing the economic potential this has for our auto state.

But back to the Bolt: the production model is slated to debut in early January. We’ll keep you updated, of course.