Michigan’s LG Chem factory poised to be bigger than Tesla’s

If LG Chem plant ramps up production to 3 gigawatt hours per year that’ll make it the biggest EV battery manufacturing plant in the country.

Automotive News reports that the plant has quickly been gaining contracts from auto manufacturers since it’s halting start.

The plant is already producing (or likely will soon) batteries for the Volt, Chevrolet Spark and Cadillac ELR; Cadillac CT6 plug-in hybrid and the Chevrolet Bolt. The trade publication adds that research firm Navigant projects that in two years, the Holland factory could be supplying up to ¼ of all EV batteries in North America.

This is big news for Michigan. We’ve got solid numbers that show that the demand for batteries is increasing by the day, and a success story of a plant with three production lines, two of which are operating 24 hours a day, and another on the way for a yet to be announced mystery product.

Just a few years ago many were quick to draw negative attention to the LG Chem plant in Holland, as it lay idle while demand for EV’s grew slower than anticipated.  But that’s no longer the case. The factory doubled the number of workers in April and is poised to grow its workforce and production capacity even more.  

The plant recently gave a step-by-step tour of how batteries is made- from chemical slurry to an aging process that takes over two weeks. It’s a pretty cool peek into what propels your electric drive.