The Bolt is finally here, it’s a game changer

Who would have guessed that the Consumer Electronics Show would beat out the North American International Auto show on big car news? 

We have EVs to thank for that.

Chevrolet unveiled the 2017 Bolt at CES on Wednesday. And it’s not just the 200-mile range and affordable price tag (under $30,000 with some tax rebates) that has everyone excited.

The car is totally designed for the future. It’s not only electric, but also geared towards the rise of ride sharing services, a smart move given where car ownership trends are heading.

GM also just announced that it will be investing $500 million in the ride-sharing company Lyft. The New York Times reports that the two companies will develop a network of “on demand self-driving cars,” and “short-term car rental hubs … where people who do not own cars can pick up a vehicle and drive for Lyft to earn money.

The Bolt was designed with this in mind, and features a roomy backseat, and detailed touches like smartphone charging capabilities throughout the car, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto sync.

It also has "a low-energy Bluetooth system that can detect an approaching driver’s smartphone, unlocking the doors and setting the infotainment system and other features for that user."

Mashable calls it a “Tesla Model 3 killer.” USA Today calls it a “game changer.”

And that game changer is being built right here in Michigan. Here’s to keeping that momentum going.