Volt First EV to Pass 100,000 Sales

When Chevrolet released the plug-in Volt in 2010, it created an entirely new market segment for long range hybrid cars. While the Volt didn’t meet Chevy’s initial sales expectations, it has held its own in the market and it just received a second-generation makeover and sales bump. According to The Detroit News, GM is now celebrating its 100,000th Volt sale, making it the first single model to reach that mark.

Chevy Volt

GM is reporting that Volt drivers have saved 58 million gallons of fuel and driven 1.5 billion miles in electric-only mode. That’s not too shabby for a car that was the first of its kind.

Sales are also up with this year’s second generation model. The new Volt makes a lot of big improvements such as an improved electric range of 53 miles (an improvement from the 2015 model’s 38 miles), and the new car’s gasoline engine is more efficient, achieving more than 40 mpg when the car runs out of electric range.

A new Volt is $34,000 before incentives, $1,000 cheaper than the original model and much less expensive than the Volt’s 2012 price of $41,000. These price drops are coming in spite of more advanced technology, and they’re good for both Volt sales and making the plug-in market more competitive.

Congratulations to Chevrolet on this landmark achievement, and here’s to another 100,000 plug-in cars.