You Say Bolt, They Say Ampera-e

The newest iteration of the Chevy Bolt, soon to be on the market here in the U.S., will now have a twin in Europe. Opel’s Ampera, originally a rebadged version of the Chevy Volt, is getting an update called the Ampera-e, will now be a rebadged version of the new Chevy Bolt.

Opel Ampera e

As reported by Green Car Reports, Opel plans to unveil the Ampera-e at the Paris Motor Show later this month. The car is so far reported to have similar specs to the Bolt, with a 150-kilowatt motor producing 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. Interestingly, GM is reporting the Ampera-e as having a top speed of 93 mph (150 kph), a tad higher than the Bolt’s reported 91 mph top speed. Maybe they’re marketing for the Autobahn? 

Here’s the catch for Michigan—while the original Ampera was built at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant, the Bolt is in pilot production at GM’s Orion township plant. The new Ampera-e will likely be made there, meaning that Michigan would be producing EVs for a worldwide market. Hopefully, other Michigan automakers follow suit, and Michigan EV production can be spurred by global market growth.

While it is possible that cars like the Ampera-e will be produced in Europe in the future, this could set a great precedent for Michigan manufacturing as a launching point for new EV exports.