Bolt Named Car of the Year by Green Car Reports and Motor Trend

Chevrolet Bolt

Ever since 2011, Green Car Reports has been naming an annual “best car to buy.” It started off with the Nissan Leaf, a full plug-in car that provided the first practical electric ride to modern consumers. This year, they’re going with another first: the first affordable, long range EV aimed at a mass market. The Chevy Bolt is Green Car Reports best car to buy in 2017.

It has the zippy drive characteristic of EVs and their instant torque, but packs unprecedented range at an exceptionally low price. The Bolt will take you 240 miles per charge, and you can buy it for $30,000. To Green Car Reports (and anyone else excited about clean, relatively affordable, fun to drive cars) that matters a lot. They also found the car to be comfortable, easier to park than a Model S, and intuitively controlled.

Green Car Reports wasn’t the only publication to give the Bolt high praise. Motor Trend, a more generalist automotive publication, also named the Bolt car of the year. They thought that the price and range were game changers, going as far as saying “by offering that range at that price, the Bolt EV has made just about every other electric vehicle on sale obsolete.” Motor Trend thinks that Tesla will have to “work overtime” to catch up.

They said that the Bolt was a fantastic car on its own merits, and no qualifiers like “for an electric car” needed to be made. Coming from a site about cars of all stripes, that’s high praise. Turns out you don’t need gas to have the best car on the market.

The Bolt very well might pick up a lot more praise on its way to people’s driveways, which is good news for the entire electric vehicle market. Having a hit EV on the market will no doubt help get people familiar with driving electric and learning to overcome range anxiety.