Newly Released Chevy Bolt Delivery Schedule Disappoints

Chevy Bolt

All of the excitement surrounding the release of the new affordably priced, long-range EV Chevy Bolt has been a bit muted since the announcement of its nationwide distribution schedule. After the first Bolts were sold in Silicon Valley this past December, Chevy Dealerships around the country fielded calls from interested buyers wondering when they would have the vehicle available for purchase and the answer wasn’t what they were expecting.

The Bolt will hit stores on the East and West Coast first. California, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey will be the only states selling the Bolt until March 2017. After that, 11 other states on the coasts will be added through September. The other 31 states, including Michigan, will have to wait until the later part of 2017 to purchase their Chevy Bolt.

The first states receiving the Bolt are admittedly the states with the most advanced charging infrastructure and EV-friendly policies, but as Green Car Reports notes, it is a bit amusing that Michigan, Chevy’s home state, comes last on the delivery schedule. Michigan is one of the top-selling states for the Volt, and will no doubt be a great market for the Bolt as well.

The Bolt is a first step in creating more affordable, long-range EV options for new potential EV buyers.  We will continue tracking its progress to see what it shows about the growth of the market.