Report Shows Michigan's Auto Sector Thrives From Clean Vehicle Standards


Despite President Trump’s current attempts to rollback fuel economy standards set by the Obama Administration, a recent report from the BlueGreen Alliance and the Natural Resources Defense Council show that advances in fuel efficient technologies are critical to bringing manufacturing jobs to Michigan and the country as a whole.

The report shows that in Michigan alone, 224 factories and 69,000 workers are building technology that improves fuel economy for today’s innovative vehicles. These factories are building cutting edge cars and trucks that cut pollution and save consumers money at the pump. Michigan companies alone are manufacturing innovative technologies like lightweight automotive steel and aluminum, advanced engines and transmissions, and electric motors and batteries.

An estimated 167,000 Michiganders work to manufacture these technologies, and the Michigan auto sector has brought back almost 71,300 jobs since June 2009. The auto industry is investing in innovation to meet fuel economy standards, and that means jobs for both blue-collar and white-collar workers.

This report shows that when policy encourages innovation, Michigan rises to the occasion and our economy grows. Investments in electric vehicle supply and infrastructure would likely have the same positive effect on Michigan’s economy.