General Motors & Honda to Build Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Michigan


General Motors & Honda announced joint plans to invest $85M to build hydrogen fuel cell stacks in Michigan, Automotive News reports. The two automakers are set to begin work on this project in 2020.

The General Motors Brownstown Township plant south of Detroit will be the home of the Fuel Cell System Manufacturing joint venture. The plant will develop a lighter, more powerful, and less costly stack that uses hydrogen to produce electricity to power cars. The fuel stacks will be deployed in distinct vehicles from each company.

General Motors and Honda have both been developing the technology for hydrogen fuel cells for quite some time. The goal of working together is to reduce the cost of creating a fuel cell stack that could replace the battery pack in a full-electric car like the recently released Chevrolet Bolt.

The state of Michigan has approved a $2 million economic development grant for the project, and the project is expected to create up to 70 jobs in the state.

Meanwhile, Honda has begun leasing the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell in California, joining Toyota and Hyundai in public fuel cell offerings.