Changes in Leadership at Ford are Creating a Stir for Electric Vehicles


In case you haven’t yet heard, Ford has fired their CEO Mark Fields and replaced him with Jim Hackett. You may know Jim Hackett as the former CEO of Steelcase, a major Michigan furniture maker, or you may know him as the man who brought Jim Harbaugh to the University of Michigan during his tenure as interim athletic director. Most recently, Hackett was the President of Ford Smart Mobility, which was tasked with creating Ford’s first autonomous vehicle.

The Detroit News reported that during the announcement, Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. called Hackett a “change agent” and sees him as the ideal candidate to push the company forward in the rapidly changing auto sector. Ford, unfortunately, has been somewhat lagging in moving its business towards innovative, clean technologies, which may be the motivating factor of their management transition and moving to what Ford is calling an “auto-and-mobility company.”

As Electrek reports, the new CEO is not the only leadership change up. The company has also appointed a new executive for electric vehicles. This big move shows Ford is beginning to reposition itself in the new world of EV’s, autonomous driving, and mobility. Jim Hackett was effective in bringing Silicon Valley talent, Jim Harbaugh, back to Southeast Michigan. Now perhaps at Ford he can do the same for the burgeoning mobility sector.