What? No chargers where you work?

Now here's some news-you-can-use about how to convince your boss to add charging stations at your workplace.

This article from Green Car Reports offers a five-step plan for those who have taken the plunge for a plug-in car.

Among other tips, they suggest finding allies among your colleagues, identifying an appropriate location, and researching to see if there are any incentives available from government or utilities to cover the cost. You might also want to check with other companies in the area or competitors to see if any of them have already gotten aboard.

Here's some advice we especially like: "If you work in a large enough firm with a fleet car pool, finding an ally there may help your cause no end. Could your firm buy some electric cars of its own?"

We could add one more argument to their list for those of us who work here in Michigan: supporting the electric-vehicle industry, which is heavily Built by Michigan, is a great way we can help ourselves to a more prosperous future.