There's going to be more electric vehicles, not less

auburn hills signMunicipalities all across the Midwest, including Auburn Hills here in Michigan, are planning new policies and infrastructure to support the growth of electric vehicles, according to a report in Midwest Energy News.

Charging stations, parking spaces, public education, building code changes—cities all over are making progress on these and other issues and learning from each other along the way. Among other things, they’ve learned many cities don’t have specific language for electric vehicles in the permitting, zoning or planning rules.

In Auburn Hills, the city council passed an ordinance last summer that, among other things, simplifies permitting conditions and encourages developers to plan for charging stations, according to the report.

Under the ordinance, developers of new parking lots or structures are expected to include electrical conduits for future charging stations at 2 percent of their parking spaces. Including the conduit isn’t mandatory, but all 12 developments built since the ordinance was adopted have included the conduit, and two installed charging stations.

The Auburn Hills program, as well as projects in other communities around the region, is being supported in part by a federal grant in support of President Obama’s goal to have 1 million alternative technology vehicles on the road by 2015.

Getting ready seems to be a good idea. As a city planner in Independence, Missouri put it: “There’s going to be more electric cars, not less.”